Stall Holder Rules & Regulations

Stallholder Rules & Regulations

1) ChillOut Daylesford Inc will not be held responsible for your safety or conduct and you will indemnify ChillOut against all claims, demands and causes of action, damage costs, expenses or losses of every description including weather and fire bans or restrictions.

2) ChillOut reserves the right to request removal of any display or material that poses a risk or hazard or deemed by ChillOut as inappropriate for our audience.

3) Only a single, approved trader is allowed per individual stall.

4) Fees paid to ChillOut Daylesford Inc by approved stallholder applicants are not refundable.

5) Approved applicants will be sent written confirmation including details such as site number and other particulars. The right of approval of applications remains solely with ChillOut Daylesford Inc.

6) Any unauthorised traders who appear on a site will be removed from Carnival Day premises.

7) The ChillOut will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any stallholder stock or equipment left anywhere on the site.

8) A condition of acceptance of a stallholder’s application is that the stallholder holds a current Public Liability Insurance policy of at least $10,000,000. Stallholders who carry their own insurance policy must ensure that it is a current policy and is valid outside their premises. A copy of the certificate of currency is required to be forwarded with your stall application.

9) All food and wine stalls, either fresh food or pre-packaged must comply with all current legislation including with the Food Act 1984 (including its Regulations) as governed by the Hepburn Shire Council and the “Food Smart” Food Safety Program of the Victorian Government. Food businesses who are registered with the Hepburn Shire Council must submit a copy of their Food Act Certificate of Registration for Temporary Food Premises. Food Businesses coming from outside the Hepburn Shire must submit a Statement of Trade form to the Hepburn Shire Council.  Please call Hepburn Shire’s Environmental Health Department on 5321 6405 for info.

10) All gas appliances used for cooking are required to be in excellent working condition with particular attention being given to gas bottles (current date), flame guards etc. Operators must complete a Gas Safety Self-Check List and have them available during the event for inspection. Inspections for site safety audits will be carried out and where in the opinion of the ChillOut and/or Hepburn Shire equipment is deemed to be a hazard, the stallholder will be directed to remove the equipment immediately.  All stallholders using gas must provide their own fire extinguishers

11) Limited single-phase power is available only to selected areas. All stallholders requiring power must provide their own fire extinguishers and detail all equipment and how much electricity each unit draws. You should supply your own Residual Circuit Device (RCD) “safety switch” for installation at each power outlet in use. Double adaptors are prohibited and all power boards must have current overload protection. All leads need to have sufficient length to extend up to 12
Metres. Faulty equipment causing power failure, proving to be detrimental to the festival, its workers, other stallholders and the public will remain the liability of the stallholder and may result in legal action. All equipment brought on site needs to be tagged and tested prior to the event. Any equipment not displaying a current tag will NOT be able to be used.

12) All stalls are required to maintain good “housekeeping” practices. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure your stall area is safe at all times and no part of your stall poses a hazard to any persons. All equipment, power leads, stock, guy ropes, packaging, furniture or any other item used at or in conjunction with the running of your stall must be deemed to be safe and secure at all times.

13) You understand that if your stall is not consistent with your application, ChillOut Daylesford Inc reserves the right to close your trading and request that you leave Victoria Park, Carnival Day site.

14) Smoking is not permitted inside buildings, inside stalls, within 10 meters of a building entrance, around combustibles or while handling hazardous materials.

15) Terms and Conditions are subject to change; stallholders will be advised.

16) Signing your application indicates you understand the terms of the agreement and will abide by the requirements and terms and conditions presented.

17) As a stallholder participating at ChillOut 2022, it would be appreciated if you assist the festival with promotion of the event by way of distributing the festival flyers, program etc through your networks.

18) All Stall holders and Food Vendors are to provide proof of vaccination status at the time submitting your registration. This is a requirement under the current Victorian health legislation.



event and will go ahead rain or shine.

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